A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Consistently Create

Content that Sells!

Reliably Create Revenue-Producing Content...
Like Clockwork!

A Fill-in-the-Blanks System for Attracting More Prospects, Closing More Sales and Growing Revenue

Imagine being super confident and ultra clear on what you sell...

...And being able to use that confidence and clarity
to drive more revenue for your business...

Are you ready? Because...

Inside this step-by-step guide, you'll learn exactly how to...



Articulate the WHY that captures the breathtaking scope and daring of your company’s vision

The right "WHY" is crucial to helping you elevate your brand to extraordinary heights 



Hone in on your USP that separates you from all the other brands competing in your industry, even if they’re much more established.

Take even the most crowded market and define a new playing field...that you OWN



Define your absolute ideal customer and understand what drives them...so you can capture their hearts and minds.

Be the first, last and only brand your ideal customer considers...building deep and lasting loyalty



Find your voice and tone that fit your brand's personality like a glove, and allow you to cut through the noise of the market.

Bust through the clutter with a unique and consistent message that your prospects instantly recognize

Learn the Specific Step-by-Step Strategies for Turning Every Piece of Content You Create into a Tool that Motivates Prospects to Take Action

As a marketer, you know the importance of creating great content that engages with your audience. But in order for that content to serve its ultimate purpose, there must be a consistent, strategic plan to turn that engagement into action -- leads, sales and revenue.

That's what the Playbook is all about. It's about giving you a fill-in-the-blanks messaging formula you can turn to again and again. It's about helping you create content that turns strangers into leads, leads into customers, and customers into raving fans...over and over and over again.

Inside the Messaging Playbook, You'll Learn...

  • The specific, step-by-step, never-fail formula for effectively communicating your value proposition that compels prospects to respond to your offers RIGHT NOW! (Page 36)
  • ​How to zero in on your exact target prospect and "mind meld" with their deepest wants and desires. (Page 3)
  • ​How to "plant a picture" of specific situations in your prospect's mind that automatically make your brand shine. (page 25)
  • ​The 4 "Messaging Must Haves" for bonding with your audience that need to be a part of every piece of content you create. (Page 12)
  • ​The secret strategy -- known as "The 5 Whys" -- for truly discovering the hidden motivation behind your customers' desires. (Page 23) 
  • ​How to absolutely nail your brand's voice & tone so you're consistently "speaking the language" of your ideal target prospect. (Page 29)

Plus these hot bonuses...

Free Bonus #1

6 Reasons Landing Pages Don't Convert...and How to Fix Them!

$49 Value

Chock full of "quick fixes" for boosting your conversions and winning more customers, this hands-on landing page guide will show you...
  •  The hidden psychological factor you MUST address that instantly triggers an automatic "conversion response."
  • ​The number one reason visitors click the back button before ever reading your page -- this is SO obvious but most marketers constantly ignore it!
  • ​How to spot "Page Friction" that can cut conversion rates by 50% or more!
  • And much more!

Free Bonus #2

How to Become an "Ideal Client Magnet!"

$29 Value

In this guide and checklist, you'll discover the exact process we use with our clients that makes them irresistible. So you can stop chasing prospects who will never buy...and focus only on those who can't wait to do business with you instead!
  • Automatically attract the "right" prospects...so you save time and money by marketing only to people most likely to buy.
  • ​​Increase the lifetime value of every client -- Ideal Clients are twice as likely to continue doing business with you after the initial sale.
  • ​Win more customers and raving fans -- Ideal Clients can't wait to tell the world about you and your business!

Free Bonus #3

The Explainer Video
Marketing Strategy Guide

$39 Value

Turn clicks into prospects...prospects into customers...and customers into raving fans with this Ultimate DIY Guide to Marketing Your Business with Video. You'll learn...
  • A “stupidly easy” way to inject excitement into all your videos and keep viewers glued to the screen...even videos about the most boring topics!
  • ​2 simple “Five-Minute Fixes” that can boost any video landing page’s conversion rate by up to 20%...immediately!
  • ​5 simple hacks for increasing engagement and compelling viewers to watch your videos...ALL of them...until the end. 

Free Bonus #4

Conversion-Boosting Graphics Pack!

$199 Value

Hand-Drawn Original Images from The Draw Shop Team! You can use these images anywhere...in your YouTube videos, Websites, eBooks, Emails, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages and MORE to boost your conversions.
  • Supercharge your Marketing Funnels with All-New, 100% Original Artwork Designed by The Draw Shop...Royalty Free!
  • ​Ramp Up Your CTR! Landing pages with good designs get up to 5x higher click-throughs to your offers.
  • ​Boost Your Conversions! Use our experts' design on your funnels to boost conversions up to 10x.
  • ​Win More Customers! Increase your ROI from campaigns with visual storytelling and win more customers.

A Note from Summer
(your personal guide to creating your brand messaging playbook)

Want to Attract More Customers?
It Starts with THIS Scientifically Proven Messaging Strategy...

Before I started The Draw Shop in 2009, I worked as a ghostwriter and copywriter for some of the most influential brands around. 

I wrote sales letters, email copy, website copy and infomercial copy whose one job was to convert total strangers into raving fans, reliably and consistently.  
Along the way, I learned and used hundreds of marketing strategies and tactics — oftentimes with explosive results. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned, the lesson at the core of my own 7-figure business, was this:

Even the most sophisticated marketing strategy will not deliver the results you need without a solid foundation of messaging behind it.

Once that system is in place, consistently producing content that just WORKS is easy! That's what this is all about.

...It's about knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that every piece of content you create is going to attract prospects to your business...

...It's about having a specific, repeatable strategy and game plan that ensures your messaging is on point...each and every time... 

...It's about creating landing pages that consistently pull in highly qualified leads and produce eye-popping ROI...

...It's about your social accounts blowing up with likes, followers, forwards and shares...

This is exactly what I’m going to help you build in The Messaging Playbook for Marketing Success!